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The spot…a Child’s Museum Offers Family Fun in Flagstaff - Holiday Inn Express Flagstaff Arizona

Many Flagstaff hotels have family-friendly options and facilities such as swimming pools and kid-friendly menus, but when your children tire of these novelties, take them to the spot…a Child’s Museum. The spot… is the first children’s museum in Northern Arizona and it has been educating and entertaining kids ever since.

If you and your family are spending the weekend in hotels in Flagstaff, AZ, this is the perfect museum for you. It is open every Friday and Saturday, with an affordable admission fee of $3 per person.

There are several interactive exhibits that allow your children to explore science, art, and history. Younger children will enjoy the Tot Spot where they can play music and games to develop motor skills. The Quantum Quizzics exhibit offers robots, magnets and other science-related activities, while the Art Experience exhibit allows kids to create artwork from recycled materials.

If your family needs to get out of your Flagstaff hotel for some fun, spend a day at the spot… before dining at one of the family-friendly restaurants in the city. Kids of all ages, including parents, will enjoy the unique learning experience at the spot...