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Flagstaff, Arizona is a town that boasts year-round cooler temperatures than the hot and dry Phoenix Valley. It's for this reason that visitors rush off to hotels in Flagstaff all year long to spend time in this lovely northern college town.

Spring and summer in Flagstaff is a great time to visit Flagstaff with moderate temperatures during the day and cool evenings. These two seasons are the best time to check out Flagstaff's numerous outdoor activities like mountain biking, walking or hiking one of the many forest trails.

flagstaff_hotels-1Of course the fall is the most beautiful time to visit the area thanks to tons of fall foliage in Flagstaff and Sedona. Throngs of visitors leave Flagstaff hotels early in the morning to take leisurely drives through Flagstaff and then on to Sedona. Sedona's Oak Creek Canyon features some of the most beautiful trees in the country.

Winter is an equally great time to visit Flagstaff; especially if you like to ski or snowboard. Lots of Arizonans head up to the area to throw snowballs for an afternoon but many others prefer an extended trip that includes hotels in Flagstaff so they can enjoy several days of skiing.