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Flagstaff, AZ: A Trip Down Historical Lane - Holiday Inn Express Flagstaff Arizona

The leisurely essence of a Flagstaff, AZ hotel stay has been noted for allowing us to explore some of nature's most amazing gifts. Whether it is hiking the panoramic plains of Mount Trumbull or skiing the slopes of Snowbowl, Flagstaff provides the ultimate escape to an amazing time. But apart from its naturalistic attributes, Flagstaff is also the setting to one of America's most profound passages: Route 66.

flagstaff-route66Will Rodgers freeway, or more famously known as U.S. Route 66, is a historical highway recognized for its scenic landscapes and intriguing appeal within popular culture. Stretching from the Midwest to way out West, U.S. Route 66 journeys through six states and stretches more than 2,400 miles. It offers an eye gazing passage of tranquility through some of America's most beautiful landmarks.

flagstaff-jamesdeanMany have gone on to share their breath-taking experiences and celebrated stories along the illustrious path; helping contribute to its popularity. However, some of its most recognized praise has come from famous travelers such as James Dean, an attributing song by The Rolling Stone, and even a hit television show. So the next time you check-in to your Flagstaff Hotel, make sure to pay tribute to the Historical Route 66.