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Visit the Coconino Center for the Arts Next Time You Come to Flagstaff

Flagstaff hotels are conveniently located near several cultural centers and art galleries. One that is well worth a visit is the Coconino Center for the Arts. The center hosts different exhibitions and musical performances all year long. hotels in Flagstaff provide a great base for your explorations of the local art and culture.

Walk the Lava Flow Trail at Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

Flagstaff hotels offer a perfect central location for exploring the different natural features of the Colorado Plateau. Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument is at the top of the list of places to visit. A series of volcanoes erupted in the 11th century, leaving behind a cinder cone this is still intact today.

Montezuma Castle: Ancient Cliff Dwellings of the Sinagua

One of many advantages to staying in Flagstaff hotels is being to close to many different historic cultural sites. Hotels in Flagstaff, AZ offer visitors the chance to explore ancient cliff dwellings like Montezuma Castle, built over a thousand years ago.

The spot…a Child’s Museum Offers Family Fun in Flagstaff

Many Flagstaff hotels have family-friendly options and facilities such as swimming pools and kid-friendly menus, but when your children tire of these novelties, take them to the spot…a Child’s Museum. The spot… is the first children’s museum in Northern Arizona and it has been educating and entertaining kids ever since.

Get in the Spooky Spirit with a Haunted Tour of Flagstaff

Halloween is just around the corner, but you don't have to wait until the big day to get into the spooky spirit. If you are staying in any of the Flagstaff hotels between mid-September and the end of October, take the opportunity to take a haunted tour downtown.